Validation of AM-Motion Draft Roadmap

Dear Expert, 

AM-MOTION European Project is glad to release the Draft AM-MOTION Roadmap, which aims at identifying future research and innovation actions to accelerate the deployment of AM throughout Europe.  

You may look at the complete document and/or at an extract of the roadmap (both can be found here), including vision (challenges and opportunities), target products by sector, list of actions and roadmmapping diagrams. 

This survey aims at collecting feedback and comments on the draft roadmap, in order to improve it and release the final document by October 2019. 

Please join the survey! 

We will be pleased to keep you updated on AM-MOTION roadmapping results.




Your personal data will be treated according to the European and Italian regulations for protection of personal data. The collected data will be used only for the purposes of AM-MOTION European project (clarification request-if any- on the scientific contribution and emailing of the final AM-MOTION roadmap). After the project completion, your personal data will be deleted. Your contributions will be treated in aggregated form and integrated in the AM-MOTION Roadmap, which will be publicly disseminated. For further information, please see the Privacy notice in the RINA website (